Baby Shower Game Ideas how to create baby shower games

How to Create Fun Baby Shower Games 

Baby showers are a great way for friends and family to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. To make your shower even more special, you can create fun baby shower games! Whether you’re looking for classic party games or something unique, these tips will help you design the perfect game for your event. 

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a precious little one. Whether your gathering is held at home or in an event space, it’s an opportunity for friends and family to gather together, reflect on memories of years gone by, and anticipate the journey ahead.

To make the shower even more special, create some baby-themed party games! Ideas run from classic favorites such as ‘pin-the-pacifier-on-the-baby’ to something new and creative; perhaps something involving designs with baby items or guessing how large mum’s bump was. Having fun and well thought out games will leave everyone with happy memories of the day when celebrating the newest addition to your family!

Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower for someone special can be both exciting and daunting. After-all, you want the guests to have a good time and get to know one another. To achieve this, it is important to plan games that can help break the ice. Looking back on my own experiences hosting parties, I favour any game that helps encourages conversation as this is when guests start to become more at ease with each other.

Adding a little nostalgia also never hurts – something like bringing out cow nipples or even diaper pins – long forgotten by most but fondly remembered by some! Creating an inviting atmosphere, with some fun games will ensure a memorable and enjoyable occasion for all your guests.

Choose an Appropriate Game 

The first step in creating a great baby shower game is to choose one that’s appropriate for the occasion. There are plenty of classic party games that work well for baby showers, such as bingo, charades, and scavenger hunts. If you want something a bit different and more tailored to the occasion, try making up your own game. For example, you could have guests guess the price of popular baby products or guess which celebrity moms had babies in recent years.

When creating baby shower games, it’s important to keep both the expectant mother and her health in mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that the guest-of-honor is probably feeling exhausted and fragile! And while so many of us have fond memories of limboing at family parties, pregnant mamas aren’t up for such activities. Instead, opt for gentle, thoughtful activities like guessing baby items or stories from the expecting parents’ past.

Help all the guests celebrate the miracle of impending motherhood safely without having to worry about any physical strain on those participating in the festivities!

Make It Interactive 

When it comes to designing a fun baby shower game, it’s important to make sure it’s interactive. Try to think of ways that guests can participate in the game rather than just watching from the sidelines. For instance, if you choose bingo as your game, give each guest several cards that they can mark off as things are called out. This will help keep everyone engaged and interested throughout the course of the game. 

Blindfold Diaper Changing 

A popular game at baby showers is the Blindfold Diaper Changing competition. This one is sure to get everyone laughing! Have guests form two equal teams and give each team a diaper, a blindfold, and a timer. One person from each team will put on the blindfold and be led to the changing table with the diaper. The goal is to change the diaper in the fastest amount of time. The team with the quickest time wins! This game can also be adapted for non-blindfolded teams as well, if you’re looking for something a little more challenging.

Diaper Raffle

Diaper raffle is an easy and entertaining game to play at a baby shower, with the added bonus of giving out useful items as prizes! Have each guest bring a pack of diapers (or wipes) when they arrive, then put all the names in a hat or bowl. At the end of the party, draw one name from the hat – whoever’s name is chosen wins a prize! This game encourages your guests to bring gifts for the new baby, and can really lighten the load for the soon-to-be parents. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone in the spirit of celebration before the big day arrives.

Diaper Raffle printable Game

My Water broke Baby Shower Game

This is another popular baby shower game that is sure to be fun for all. To play, fill several plastic bottles with water and add food coloring (optional) in each bottle to make it more visually interesting. Have guests take turns picking a bottle and then rolling a die. Depending on the number they roll, they must either unscrew the lid, pop the top off with a bottle opener, or shake the bottle until it ‘breaks’. The guest who makes the ‘water break’ first wins!

Name that Baby Tune

This is an instant classic for any baby shower! The game brings back childhood memories and endless amounts of fun. It’s simple to set up; all you have to do is pick out some of your classic favorite nursery rhymes or songs from way back when and then have your guests try to name that baby tune. With each answer, laughter fills the room as everyone shares stories about how they first heard the song and its impact on their lives growing up. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in nostalgia than playing Name That Baby Tune.

Guess the Belly Size

A classic baby shower tradition, “Guess the Belly Size” proves that no guess is too outrageous. Every guest gets to put on their thinking cap and estimate the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly – with hilarious results! As you check to see who guessed closest, don’t forget how special this moment is and cherish it – because it won’t last forever. It is a A fun and easy game to play at a baby shower. The winner of this particular game will be remembered long after the shower is over.

Baby Shower Feud Game

Baby Shower Feud is a fun and interactive game that can be played at any baby shower. Guests will be divided into two teams and each team will have to guess the answers to various questions about babies. The team who can guess the most correct answers in a given amount of time, wins! This game is sure to get everyone involved and is like the TV show family feud, just with baby questions instead. It will make for an entertaining and memorable time, as guests battle it out to see who is the baby shower expert! Best of all, Baby Shower Feud provides an opportunity for friends and family to bond over their little bundle of joy in a unique and exciting way.

Diaper Thoughts

Diaper thoughts is an original take on classic baby shower games. Instead of holding a typical shower game like pin-the-tail on the donkey, guests write down hilarious wisdom or wisecracks in lieu of traditional diapers. Everyone laughs and has a rollicking good time sharing their diaper thoughts! It’s a unique way to add levity to any shower and ensure the mother-to-be gets the best wishes from everyone in attendance. Why not try out this innovative new game at your next baby shower and make sure your celebration stands out?

Word Scramble

Baby showers are a special time for parents to celebrate their incoming bundle of joy. One fun game that can be included at a baby shower is word scramble. For this game, you can get some printables already done for you with scrambles baby related words on them. You can set a timer and see how many everyone can unscramble in that time, the person with the most correct wins. It’s an entertaining activity that will bring out everyone’s competitive spirit as well as get everyone reflecting on all the beautiful aspects of parenthood and new life being brought into the world. This can make for some truly joyful conversations!

Don’t Say Baby

Don’t Say Baby is an incredibly fun and competitive game to play at your next baby shower. It really sparks up conversations among family, friends and coworkers which enhances the energy at the gathering. Everyone gets their own clothespin which should be used to keep track of the pins you gather from other people throughout the party after someone shouts “baby”. Whoever collects the most pins wins! Alternatively, you might use pacifiers on a string instead of clothespins for an extra cute twist. This will be sure to entertain everyone at the party as they watch who gathers the most pins – and make sure to tell them don’t say baby!

Baby Shower Trivia printable Game

Baby Shower Trivia is an educational and interactive game that can be played at any baby shower. It’s perfect for testing your guests’ knowledge of all things baby, from products and items to safety tips. Guests will be given a printed sheet of trivia questions about babies, which they must answer within a certain amount of time. Whoever answers the most questions correctly, wins a small prize. Not only is this game entertaining and educational, but it’s sure to spark conversations about babies and all of the different things that come along with them! It’s an excellent way to get everyone in the mood for some baby festivities.

Baby Shower Trivia printable

Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo is a great way to get guests involved in the baby shower! Prepare your bingo card before the shower, including items such as clothes, diapers, and toys. When gifts are opened during the event, have guests mark off their respective cards – whoever gets 4-in-a-row first will be the winner! Not only does this game add an element of surprise for those playing, it also provides a fun and interactive way for members of the party to get to know each other better.

Guests can share stories about when they received similar items or discuss a funny story about babies! Last but not least, Baby Bingo is sure to bring plenty of laughs and smiles to any baby shower.

Baby Food Taste Test

Finally, an adult activity we can all get behind – a blindfolded baby food taste test! This creative and unique party game is sure to give your guests a good laugh. Each visitor will be invited to the taste test station, where they’ll don a blindfold before sampling different flavors of baby food. Once the blindfold comes off, it’s time for each guest to guess which flavor they tried and discuss why they think it was what it was.

It’s sure to be an interesting experience as you taste surprising flavors from around the world! Plus, having a laugh at their inability to identify what kind of food they’re trying will make for an unforgettable party.

Baby Photo Match

Baby Photo Match is a fantastic way to have some fun and have your guests involved in the celebration of a new baby. It’s quite easy; simply gather some baby photos of the soon-to-be parents, display them for all guests to view and give them an opportunity to guess which photo belongs to who.

Not only is this activity entertaining, but it’s also sure to bring lots of laughs as some of the older photos will look nothing like their current counterparts! Baby Photo Match is an excellent ice breaker that will get your guests mingling and having fun, as well as making fantastic memories for you all to enjoy.

Baby Shower Charades

Baby Shower Charades is a fun and creative game to play at a baby shower. Guests will be acting out popular baby-related items one at a time while the other guests try to guess what they are dramatizing. The result is sure to create lots of laughter and excitement as participants use exaggerated facial expressions and sound effects to help convey the item they’re trying to act out.

Not only do games like this bring communities together, but it can also serve as a sweet reminder of how LOVE is in abundance for the little one who’s about to arrive into this world!

Focus on Fun 

Finally, remember that your goal is to create a fun experience for everyone at the party! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when coming up with ideas for your baby shower game—the sillier and more creative, the better! Just make sure any rules are easy to understand so everyone can jump right in without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Baby showers are a perfect way to celebrate and prepare for a new born arriving in the world. It’s no surprise that they have become so popular over the years and more recently, many men are now starting to attend too! This means it is increasingly important that when planning games for the shower, you create activities that cater to all – from mum-to-be to dad or partners.

Although traditional baby shower games can be fun for both genders, it can be an added bonus if you think about activities that involve both sexes equally. From guessing baby food by taste, to predicting gender/name through photos of swaddling blankets; co-ed baby shower game ideas can prove there is something in it for everyone!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to craft an unforgettable baby shower game that everyone at your event will enjoy playing! Whether you choose something classic like bingo or go with something uniquely yours like guessing celebrity mom birthdays, don’t forget that having fun should be your main focus when planning any kind of party activity. So get creative and have some laughs while celebrating this special time with friends and family!