About our writer and Editor in Chief Jessica:


Every time Jessica looks at her little boy, a wave of nostalgia washes over her. She can still clearly remember the day she found out that she was pregnant and how meaningful it had felt to celebrate the life growing inside her at her baby shower.

It was such a special moment spent with loved ones that sparked warm memories that she cherishes to this day. That’s why Jessica loves writing blog posts about baby showers every post helps bring back those sweet moments from years ago, as well as providing tips for other soon-to-be moms on how to make their own special days even more memorable.

Jessica loves writing about ways to make baby showers special, such as choosing a meaningful theme, finding creative games to play, and picking out adorable decorations. She also provides advice on how to properly budget for such an event and where the perfect gifts can be found. Through her posts, she hopes to help new moms turn their own baby showers into moments that will last a lifetime.

No matter how many times Jessica writes about baby showers, they never fail to bring back fond memories of her own special day. Every time she looks at her little boy, she can’t help but feel grateful for the joy and love he has brought into her life. And although he won’t remember his baby shower, Jessica will be able to look back on that day and remember the joy it brought her.